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Office of Public Employment and Review

Please note that the new Office for the Public Sector was created on 1 July 2014, combining the functions of the Office of Public Employment and Review, Public Sector Workforce Relations and the Office for Public Sector Renewal. The new Office will support Erma Ranieri, who commenced as Commissioner for Public Sector Employment on 1 July 2014, following the resignation of Warren McCann. You can view the website for the new Office here.

The Office of Public Employment and Review operates within the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, South Australia. Headed by the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment, part of its role is to provide oversight and leadership for the South Australian public sector by promoting principles and ethics which govern the operation of the public sector as well as establishing a cohesive public sector and a standardised employment framework.

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 About the Department of the Premier and Cabinet

The Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC) has overarching responsibility for federal, state and local government relations, delivers specialist policy advice to the Premier and Ministers and is committed to working with, and for the community.

The department champions the vision for South Australia’s future as outlined in South Australia’s Strategic Plan.  Our ongoing commitment to community engagement ensures that our work aligns with continued excellence in service delivery and good business practice.

DPC supports Cabinet decision making, Aboriginal wellbeing, economic and international coordination, the arts and cultural development, industrial relations, occupational health and safety, services to the community through information communication technologies, public sector management and government records access and preservation.

The department provides support to Cabinet, the Executive Committee of Cabinet, other Cabinet Committees, and other key structures.